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Welcome to the magical world of Dandy On The Hill-Eptalofos | Parnassus

Older but glorified with the name Agoriani, today eptalofos. It is located on the west side of Parnassos at an altitude of 850 m. It is just 11 km from the ski ski center of Parnassos, a small diamond that stands modest behind the secular Arachova which is 24 km. It is the ultimate destination to get in touch with nature, strolling through the mountains or the village with the smell of burnt wood from the chimneys that are steaming lively. In the central, stone-built square of the village, with the characteristic tiled roofs under the Perennial trees, taverns and café, serve spoon sweets, taste the local delicacies and the famous pies, as you enjoy the panoramic view of the wooded slopes of Parnassus and the plain of Lilaia.

Smothered by fir and deciduous trees, watered by a thousand two springs with cool and gurgling waters, in the village that danced the Muses and the fairies for the sake of the god Apollo, right next to the Royal fountain where they drink water the fairy of the region. There is the Chalet Parnassus and the 6 autonomous chalets.  With the name and characteristics of the “Dandy on The Hill” * Beautiful houses, made with love and taste in winter-mainly-destinations, on the tops of the mountains. On the slope of Parnassos, a few kilometres away from the small village of Vargianis you will find the Neraikospilia one of the most impressive caves of the mountain, with stalactites and stalagmites hundreds of thousands of years old. According to the myths and traditions of the region, the beautiful cave of the Neraidospilia is inhabited by the fairies of Parnassus.

Each house has a patio that in the spring and summer months you can enjoy a delicious coffee or tea with the birds peeping or in the deafening silence of the forest listening only to the light leaf thump.  If you are bold enough and a winter lover, you can enjoy the snowy scenery by drinking a warm cognac or a hot chocolate.

Every house has the name of a beautiful and good fairy of the area. Apart from the hosts and the Fairies themselves (as restless spirits) Make sure you sleep pleasantly, have beautiful dreams, good mood, energy and your desires to be carried out in this magical place are in absolute choice the 5 Residences Dandy On The Hill.  

You, will you join us  in magic?

The Chalet Erato is a chalet of 55 sqm that can accommodate up to 4 people. It consists of two floors where access to the upper floor is made by the internal staircase. On the upper floor there is a bedroom with double bed where 2 people can be accommodated. On the lower floor there is a fully equipped kitchen in an open plan living room where there is a fireplace. In the living room, 2 people can be accommodated on the sofa that can be used as a bed. Downstairs is a bathroom.

Each house has a yard that in the spring and summer months you can enjoy a delicious coffee or tea along with the tweet of the birds or the deafening silence of the forest listening only to the light rustling of the leaves… If you are adventurous enough and fond of the winter seasons, you can enjoy the snowy landscape, sipping a warm cognac or a hot chocolate.  We have a variety of local products such as mountain tea, trahana, difference herbs, homemade jams, honey. Our products offer them with much love, try them for a journey of flavors in the nostalgic years of the village. You can enjoy warm family moments while outside the cold and the air will be particularly noticeable-you will be next to the warmth of a warm and beautiful house. If that’s not an advantage, then what is it?


✔ Fridge ✔ Full equipment kitchen ✔ Nespresso ✔ Coffee machine
✔ Tv plasma ✔ Hi fi ✔ Bed Linen ✔ Hair dryer
✔ Fireplace ✔ Bathroom towels ✔ Kitchen kettle ✔ Toaster
✔ French coffee machine ✔ Radiator ✔ Electric coffee pot ✔ Toilet amenities
✔ Extra blankets ✔ Cleaning products ✔ Woods for fireplace ( Extra cost ) ✔ Cd-dvd player
✔ Electric blankets ✔ Heating system ✔ Parking (free in property) ✔ Trash can
✔ Hangers ✔ Iron ✔ Private entrance


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